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LaxTrack: PreGame Playlist for Memorial Day Blowout Party by Brenton Duvall

Brenton Duvall is highlighting our Memorial Day Weekend Blowout party this Saturday at the Final Four. Words can’t describe how friggin dope this weekend is going to be with him on the 1s and 2s. We’ve included a jampacked playlist for you guys to party to prior to the main event after the games. Keep Reading…

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Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever, Screen Junkies

Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever, Screen Junkies

The finest sports figures from film and television offer up words of encouragement to get you back out on that field in fighting form. MAN, we love these movies and the speeches! We’re so fired up we might drive our burnt orange Ferraris into the Potomac. Orrrr just go get a protein smoothie down the block. Ahhhh place at the table! The wait is over. The 2011 season is here. Keep Reading…

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Pregame Interview with Geoff Snider

This has got be one of the most amusing interviews we’ve seen in a while. The gorgeous reporter speaks entirely in Spanish yet Geoff responds in English?? You wonder if he knows exactly what she was asking or if he just picks out a few words here and there and wings it. What do you think?

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Adam Ghitelman’s Playlist

Playlists are essential. Ghitelman knows that. He and the Virginia Wahoos are having a stellar season. It is more than a fact, after listening to his playlist, that they know how to get down before games. Rock out to Ghitelman’s tunes AFTER THE JUMP. Don’t forget the strobe-light.

5 Songs That Get Georgetown’s Chris Nixon Fired Up

LPG is going to make it a weekly occurrence to bring you the playlists from the top players in the country. This week’s playlist is from Georgetown defenseman Chris Nixon. Nixon is literally manhandling his opponents this year and can rip top cheese from 20 yards away. Check what gets him pumped up before every game right now. View Playlist

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