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War at the Shore Photos, the Pro Athletics Killer Bees

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The Killer Bees is a Pro Athletics sponsored team who took to the streets at the annual War at the Shore tournament this past weekend. Here are game photos from the tourney. Read More…

Pro Athletics Box Lacrosse Uniforms

These are the new Pro Athletics box uniforms released this past weekend for the Killer Bees. The players have Pro box unis, Pro wraps on the helmets, Pro socks and Pro shorts on. Notice Pro Athletics attention to detail all the way down to the sublimated honey comb socks.

Killer Bees ProAthletics Switchblade Reversibles

We have Game Photos of the U13 Killer Bees team. The Killer Bees are decked out in uniforms from ProAthletics. They are wearing Pro Switchblade reversibles, Pro Mainstream shooters, Pro Deuces Shorts, Pro Socks and Custom Pro Helmet Wraps for the CPV helmet.

New Pro Jacket from Pro Athletics

New Pro Jacket by Pro Athletics is a fully Digitally Fused piece of outerwear. Encompasses cut and sew panels. They can add piping to all panels as well. Coming soon to a sideline near you. They can add piping to all panels as well. Coming soon to a sideline near you.

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Pro Athletics Custom Chin Pads

Pro Athletics is a direct team supplier of custom uniforms and custom apparel. They offer cutting edge graphic design combined with digital fusion technology to decorate athletic uniforms without limitations. We now know that Pro Athletics will soon be customizing chin pads.

University of North Texas Uniforms

University of North Texas Uniforms

Flattery is key to any Babe’s heart, after receiving a very flattering email from University of North Texas in Denton,TX I couldn’t help but write an article on their team, plus the fact that they have sick jerseys doesn’t hurt.

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Coors Banquet Lacrosse Club x Pro Athletics Uniforms

Coors Banquet Lacrosse Club is member of the DCLC (D.C. Lacrosse Clubs), which consists of post-college players. They’ll be playing in Salt Shakerz Invitational, War at the Shore, and Maryland State of Lacrosse. And they are looking for a few good men at every position.

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Illinois Lacrosse Wears Pink for Mom’s Weekend

This past weekend the team donned Pink and White uniforms to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. This weekend also happened to be Mom’s Weekend. The video includes clips from Illinois hosting #6 Michigan State and #17 Minnesota-Duluth.

Illinois Pink Uniforms Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

Earlier this month we gave you a heads up on the Pink uniforms Illinois will be wearing in April. The team’s jerseys are finally arrived to the team this week. Keep Reading…

Pro Athletics Introduces Pro Retail Line

Pro Athletics is currently getting ready to drop their “Pro” Retail line. The shorts are photo real buffalo wings, photo real celery on the insert and blue cheese letters.