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Carolina Blue Unstrung Heads for UNC Tarheels

The Tarheels have new Carolina Blue unstrung heads to string up for 2011. The heads displayed in the image from STX include a Proton U, Professor, and a Super Power.

Tension Over New Stick Specs, STX

Lacrosse Magazine posted an interesting article this week on their site about the ongoing stick tech regulations. Questions have popped up about STX’s Professor head. Although, there have been more than 100 Division 1 games already, there have been slim to none infractions. Yet, there is always a chance of an infraction due to the fact that heads come from factories on the edge of illegal. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

Connor Wilson: Maryland Dye Job

Connor Wilson from LAS has dyed some Terptastic heads for U of M middie, Adam Sear. Connor’s recent dye work includes the South Beach Dye Job which had everyone’s jaws dropping. Today Connor dyed 2 STX 2010 Protons and an STX Professor.

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