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Michael Rowse and Jovan Miller Join Queens University Lacrosse Staff


CHARLOTTE, N.C. –Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Jim Fritz is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Rowse and Jovan Miller to his men’s lacrosse coaching staff this season. Rowse and Miller will serve as assistant coaches to Fritz. Read More…

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Queens University of Charlotte Goes Pro with GoPro

queens university lacrosse,

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday, Queens University in Charlotte attached a GoPro camera to TC Whaley. TC and the boys had a little more fun than they usually do, which is evident by the video. It just so happened to be a scrimmage day and the footage turned out phenomenal. Read More…

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Queens University Lacrosse Team Breaks Into Dance at 6am Lift

lacrosse dancing

There’s nothing exciting about working out before the sun comes up. Except maybe when you do it with your best friends. Queens University Lacrosse team crushed weights at 6am and had enough energy to break it on down to tunes. Team bonding at its finest.Read More…

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