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LaxTrack: Meechie Nelson — Lucille (Me and My Lacrosse Stick)


Lax player turned rapper, Meechie, has provided LPG with an exclusive track about none other than his lacrosse stick, “Lucille”. His latest song talks about how when the world turned on him and no matter how hard life got he was able to rely on his lacrosse stick. Meechie also mentions his childhood idols Kyle Harrison and Mikey Powell. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Anne Hathaway’s Lil’ Wayne Style Paparazzi Rap

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Anne Hathaway made a guest appearance on the Conan O’Brien show last night and left everyone with their mouth’s drooling. Read More…

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LaxTrack: T.Hunt – Lax Life 1.0

Here’s a new lax rap hittin’ the internet. Let us know how you feel about it.

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Jay-Z Showing Lacrosse Some Love

It has been brought to our attention that Jay-Z’s “Anything” music video features jigga man rocking a Rocawear jacket with a lacrosse patch on it. The song’s a throwback to a few years ago. And nevertheless, it’s still tight to see these kinds of things. Pay attention at the 2:20 mark. View Video…

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Lacrosse Verse in Hoodie Allen's "Words of Wisdom"

The second release off of Hoodie Allen’s upcoming mixtape Pep Rally, “Words of Wisdom” samples Two Door Cinema Club’s “Undercover Martyn.” It’s a soulful and catchy tune that gives off a very chill hip hop vibe, which is perfect listening for those backyard barbeques and long drives in the car. Keep Reading…

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Drake & Lil Wayne Use Lacrosse Lingo in New Hit, Miss Me

Hold up, Drake and Lil Wayne know lacrosse lingo? Drake’s, Miss Me, feat. Lil Wayne is the official jumpoff right now because Weezy says a fresh line about lacrosse. If you’re in the club, you better watch your girl when Weezy comes through. Below, you’ll find some of the chatter about the song amongst laxers. CLICK THROUGH TO HEAR THE SONG AND MORE PLAYER RESPONSES…

Bout to scoop your girl up like a groundballless than a minute ago via web

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Lax Rap, Official Video Uncorked

It was last November when we introduced you to the Allen Jokers at Middlebury College rapping about being a Middlebury student and laxing. Although, they aren’t actual lacrosse players at the school, they’ve just released the official video for it. Lax rap begins around 3:20, but LPG recommends that you watch all of it because it’s dope. More after the break.

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