Texas' Best Football Player Turns Down Collegiate Football

Rivals.com and Yahoo Sports have reported that the 5A Defensive Player of the Year from Coppell (Texas) High, Brandon Mullins, has turned down Division 1 football offers to play lacrosse at Syracuse. Keep Reading…

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The Top Lacrosse Summer Recruiting Camps for 2011

This is the third year that LacrosseRecruits.com has written a recruiting camp guide. Each year, the date that they publish continues to creep earlier in the year. Players have already started receiving invitations to Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip, Maverik’s Showtime Spotlight, and Top 205.

The need for a guide like this has become more and more important as camps have pushed the invitation process ahead because they are all competing for the top players in the country. There is lots of legwork that goes into getting a spot at these camps and showcases.

The Fall Lacrosse Recruiting Showcase Guide

The recruiting circuit has expanded from a showcase and a few tournaments to multiple events every weekend from October to the beginning of December. As more players focus on lacrosse throughout the year and try to take advantage of more opportunities to play in front of college coaches these recruiting events have become more important in the recruiting cycle.

For most coaches, the fall is a great time to get follow up evaluations of players that they may have only had limited opportunity to see them play over the summer. Keep Reading…

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How to Navigate the College Sports Recruiting Process with Confidence Part I

Many of you are just beginning the recruiting process. We, at LPG, went through it and it can be a glorious time or miserable time depending on how you approach it. Luckily, our friends at SportsForce have been kind enough to lend us and you some guidance. Follow along with the CEO of SportsForce as he describes, in detail, how to navigate. Keep Reading…

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Recruiting Spotlight: Brunswick's Bo Stafford

LacrosseRecruits.com uploaded this highlight reel of Brunswick School’s Bo Stafford ’11. The kid can ball. LPG doesn’t like to make a habit of hyping players up, but this is a definite exception to the rule. View Video…

Silverfin Lacrosse Recruiting Camp in Los Angeles

Silverfin Lacrosse presents a breakthrough college lacrosse recruiting event in Northern Los Angeles from Friday, 25 June 2010 to Sunday, 27 June 2010. Conducted on the beautiful campus of California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California, Silverfin Lacrosse has brought together a group of the nation’s top lacrosse programs for it’s first annual recruiting event. The camp will have a game based format with instructional events scattered throughout the three day event. Learn More…

California Teen Commits To FSU

It’s not an everyday occurrence when you hear about a lacrosse player committing to a non-D1 team. However, the SportsForce and NC Starz Elite player, Alex Pardieu, has made the move. Pardieu isn’t too bad either, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the highlight video and sound off below.

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Some Wise Words From The Founders of LacrosseRecruits.com

BroBible recently sat down with Chris Mead and Matt Wheeler, founders of LacrosseRecruits.com, about their website and how to stand out amongst your peers on the field and off the field. Chris and Matt also let us in on their upcoming plans for the fall.

In the interview Co-Founder Chris Meade states that LacrosseRecruits.com “had extensive cooperation from the coaching community in developing features that cannot be found in other recruiting applications, so coaches use the tool. It incorporates video, which is growing in importance due to the growth of the game. It makes it easy to communicate with college coaches. And most importantly we feel that we had an inside track when compared to other recruiting websites since we played, coached, and also spent endless hours of our lives on the computer.” More after the jump…

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