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Stringing Soft Mesh


Here’s another Reebok 10K, but with Jimalax Soft Mesh this time. With summer ball coming soon, there are a number of players that will be switching to soft mesh since rain is not an issue. Soft mesh pockets provide the same feel as heavily broken in hard mesh, but they are game ready almost immediately after stringing thanks to a short break-in period. Read More…

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StickWorkz: Reebok 10K w/ Jimalax Semi-Hard Mesh


The head I strung is a Reebok 10K with Jimalax semi-hard mesh and all Jimalax materials. My goal was to string a pocket that almost anyone could use, without adjusting their throwing too much. It has a super smooth release with a bit of a snap, but it has phenomenal hold so you can really get some torque on shots. Read More…

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Reebok 10K Lacrosse Wrist Guards

10K Lacrosse Wrist Guards

The 10K Adult Wrist Guards feature Play Dry technology that wicks moisture away from the body. The full PE protector on top of the wrist guard offers maximum protection. Silver/Black colorway displaying Reebok branding down the spine.

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Edmonton Crush Dancers Model In Reebok 10K Lacrosse Shoulder Pads


The Edmonton Rush dance team, Crush, just posed for their 2012 team photos. The dancers even posed separately modeling Reebok 10K Lacrosse Shoulder Pads. We have photos of a few dancers giving their best “Blue Steel.” Read More…

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Reebok 10k Gloves x Rochester Knighthawks

Get a good look at the Rochester Knighthawks Reebok 10k gloves. The Knighthawks play in the National Lacrosse League led by Cody Jamieson and Joe Walters. The glove displays the team’s colors along with their insignia on the cuff. Keep Reading…

Edmonton Rush Reebok 10k NLL Gloves

The Edmonton Rush have been wearing Black Reebok 10k gloves this NLL season. Silver accents throughout the glove with the Rush logo on the cuff. Keep your eye out for them when they play the Washington Stealth Feb. 11. Keep Reading…

Reebok 10K Gloves x Calgary Roughnecks

Reebok 10K Gloves x Calgary Roughnecks

Scope the Reebok 10K gloves the Calgary roughnecks will be wearing this NLL season. The glove has a Red colorway with the Roughnecks insignia embellished on the cuff. Learn more about the Roughnecks upcoming season at

Reebok Launches New Website

Reebok has launched a new Web site for its lacrosse gear, which includes information on the O-Tech technology, video that includes Matt Alrich and Brodie Merrill, events, and, of course, product information. You can visit the Reebok lacrosse site at:


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Reebok's Hydro-Fusion Designs Add Color to Lacrosse Heads

We’ve definitely seen some heads out there that have looked pretty money after a sick dye job. But with Reebok’s factory-made heads, they might just give a new definition to the phrase “that head is money.” In 2010, Reebok’s line of heads will feature their new Hydro-fusion technology. With all of the major lacrosse companies now featuring their heads with factory colors that retain the same warranty as their traditional white heads, Reebok has taken that a whole step further be adding patterns and designs to the head. Find out more (and see tons more pictures) after the jump.


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The Reebok 10K Head and 10K O-Tech Handle

Today is a jackpot for any of you who are fans of Reebok’s products, because we have a preview of Reebok’s 10K 2010 line. Check out tons of pictures of Reebok’s 10K O-Tech handle and the Reebok 10K head after the jump.


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