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Reebok 9K Airvynity Cheetah Strung Head

reebok cheetah head

The Reebok 9k AirVynity women’s head has a pro-offset design for excellent ball control and protection. The Pro-Pinched reduces ball rattle and the V-Shaped Scoop keeps the lacrosse ball channeled when shooting/passing and allows for extreme accuracy but the rounded scoop top makes this head a vacuum when it comes to ground balls. Lastly, the Reebok 9k AirVynity sports a Cheetah pattern adding a dramtic element.

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Max McCool: Simple Polka Dot Fade Dye Job

Today Max McCool offers up a simple dye job that involves a two-color fade and polka dots.

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Reebok Launches New Website

Reebok has launched a new Web site for its lacrosse gear, which includes information on the O-Tech technology, video that includes Matt Alrich and Brodie Merrill, events, and, of course, product information. You can visit the Reebok lacrosse site at:


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Reebok's Hydro-Fusion Designs Add Color to Lacrosse Heads

We’ve definitely seen some heads out there that have looked pretty money after a sick dye job. But with Reebok’s factory-made heads, they might just give a new definition to the phrase “that head is money.” In 2010, Reebok’s line of heads will feature their new Hydro-fusion technology. With all of the major lacrosse companies now featuring their heads with factory colors that retain the same warranty as their traditional white heads, Reebok has taken that a whole step further be adding patterns and designs to the head. Find out more (and see tons more pictures) after the jump.


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