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Reebok Black Arm Pads

Reebok Black Arm Pads

Reebok Black was designed and engineered for the elite lacrosse player. Carbon Lite is one of the lightest and one of the most impact resistant protection in the industry. The shape of the elbow cap is engineered to offer protection in the most vulnerable part of the arm. Read More…

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Reebok Lacrosse Goal Backstop (Video)

Reebok Lacrosse Goal Backstop

Catch stray balls during solo or group practice with the Reebok Lacrosse Backstop Net System. This one-time set-up backstop provides coverage on all sides of your goal and folds behind your goal for easy storage. Read More…

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Reebok Lacrosse Sponsors Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013


Reebok Lacrosse will be sponsoring the 2013 Turkey Lacrosse Open in Alanya, Turkey. Lacrosse has grown at a fast rate in Europe and especially in Turkey. Reebok will be sending Reebok pro athlete, Jordan Hall, to participate in clinics. Reebok will also be providing the team with 150 heads to help develop the game for the youth. Read More…

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Reebok End Caps 2 Pack (White/Red-Black/Red)


Cap your game like a pro with this Reebok End Caps 2 Pack. The pack comes with a White/Red as well as a Black/Red butt end for your shaft. Tiny nubs also provide added grip.

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Reebok, Warrior Cut Off Lacrosse Gear Patent Battle


Warrior Sports Inc. and Reebok International Ltd. recently dropped their dispute in Michigan federal court over eight patents covering hockey and lacrosse equipment. What started as Warrior filing an infringement action against Reebok back in January 2011 has now been dismissed by a judge in Michigan. Read More…

Reebok 10K Lacrosse Wrist Guards

10K Lacrosse Wrist Guards

The 10K Adult Wrist Guards feature Play Dry technology that wicks moisture away from the body. The full PE protector on top of the wrist guard offers maximum protection. Silver/Black colorway displaying Reebok branding down the spine.

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Reebok 10K Goalie Lacrosse Chest Protector

reebok 10k cp

The 10K goalie chest protector is the newest iteration of Reebok’s top end goalie chest protection. Two major upgrades include Reebok’s Special Modified EVA Foam and the new tightening system that continues to put Reebok at the forefront of comfort and fit in the lacrosse protective industry.

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Reebok 6K ILL Plaid Unstrung Head

reebok plaid head

New from Reebok, the 6K ILL, is a pro-offset head with a Plaid scheme. The head is designed to have excellent ball control, protection and a strong grooved sidewall design for durability and performance. V-shaped scoop keeps the ball channeled when shooting and passing and allows for extreme accuracy with reduced rattle. Read More…

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Reebok 7K Lacrosse Zendium-Pro Argyle Shaft


The Reebok 7K Lacrosse Zendium-Pro Argyle shaft almost feels like it has a powder grip on the handle, which gives the player a very soft and smooth feel. It provides enough grip without having to use a whole roll of tape. The shaft comes in six colorways.

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Zack Greer of Reebok Lacrosse Smashes Flat Screen TV

Zack Greer, who has been cruising across the country on the Reebok Watermelon Challenge Tour, made a stop at Sling It! retail store in California. Zack had some extra time at the in-store promo and apparently enough time to smash a flat screen tv. View Video…

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