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Reebok’s New Zigtech Commercial With Phillip Rivers and Ocho Cinco

Zigtech, the energy drink for your feet, just got better. The latest Reebok commercial, featuring NFL stars, clues you in on the customizable option for your kicks. Trust us, you’ll love this option.

The Reebok Reps Have A Lot Of Fun

Brodie Merrill, Matt Alrich, Zack Greer, and Mark Steenhuis never cease to amaze us. They joke around in this new Reebok video showing off their skills by crushing a watermelon with their shots. MORE…

NLL Announces Video Game

National Lacrosse League commissioner George Daniel announced an agreement Wednesday between the league, Crosse Studio and Triple B games for the development of a new indoor lacrosse video game. The game, titled NLL Lacrosse 2010, Presented by Reebok, is scheduled to be out as a $5 download for the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform on or around April 30. The game can be purchased for a one-time fee through the Xbox Live Marketplace. Keep Reading

Reebok and LXM PRO’s Matt Alrich

Reebok and LXM PRO’s Matt Alrich

Reebok has been expanding its image by creating cool and inspiring commercials. The latest one is a ReeTrain commercial featuring professional Matt Alrich. Alrich was also announced as a new player in the next LXM PRO event in Austin. Check his commercial and see how jacked he gets!

Boston Blazers Dish Lacrosse, NLL

Nick Cotter and John “Bubba” Durno of the Boston Blazers discuss the intricacies of lacrosse during an interview. Bubba’s mustache ain’t nothing to mess with.

Zack Greer Plays With Minnesota Wild Player John Scott

Zack Greer has become household name in Minnesota playing for the NLL Swarm. He’s so well liked that the local news network got him on the ice to play puck with NHL Wild player John Scott. The crazy thing is is that Greer was also a stud in hockey and got drafted by the Ontario Hockey League. On the other hand, John Scott grew up playing lacrosse heavily.

Side note: Check out the Reebok pump skates that Greer is rocking.

New Reebok Commercial With NLL Star Mark Steenhuis

ReeImagine what your life would be like without lacrosse. ReeImagine what lacrosse has done for you. Mark Steenhuis didn’t pick up a stick until he was 18. ReeImagine what your game can be like if you just try.>>VIEW VIDEO

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Reebok ReeDefines Brodie Merrill, Commercial

LPG brought you the new Zack Greer commercial and now, we are presenting the Reebok commercial for Brodie Merrill. No one has ReeDefined the longpole position more than Merrill. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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Reebok’s Zack Greer ReeStarts Career

View this incredible Reebok commercial for All-Everything Zack Greer. It’s impossible not to feel shivers throughout your body after you watch it. Get pumped.

Do you feel it? The 2010 season is upon us. ReeStart.

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Reebok’s Brodie Merrill Throwing Elbows

Watch as Edmonton Rush’s Brodie Merrill comes to blows with a Calgary Roughneck.

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