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Reversible Lifestyle Sponsors Women’s Team at Lake Placid


Reversible Lifestyle recently sponsored a Women’s team at this years Lake Placid Tournament. The team wore these Lake Placid themed uniforms created by the design team over at Reversible Lifestyle. The designers captured the scenic look of Lake Placid by implementing the areas signature Mountains as well as there unique cloud coverage. Read More…

Reversible Lifestyle Helps Cayenne Pepperz


Reversible Lifestyle recently partnered with the Cayenne Pepperz and helped them with there design aspirations with regards to there Tournament Uniforms. Reversible Lifestyles design team headed by Tim Johnson worked along side the Pepperz and designed a unique uniform that they will be showcasing at tournaments in the near future. Read More…

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Reversible Lifestyle Donates Uniforms To The True Lacrosse Women’s Team


Reversible Lifestyle along with the Design team over at True Lacrosse have created a uniform for the women to wear at this year’s Vail Tournament. The True Lacrosse Women’s team will be wearing these uniforms as they look to capture a championship and represent the True Lacrosse brand. Read More…

Lacrosse Idaho Uniforms By Reversible Lifestyle


Reversible Lifestyle along with the creative geniuses over at Lacrosse Idaho have developed a top notch uniform for one of there local lacrosse programs. The Eagle Mustangs will be rocking these uniforms and representing their local store. Read More…

Reversible Lifestyle Sells Shorts For Chris Sanderson


Farmingdale, NY – Reversible Lifestyle is proud to announce that they had a successful campaign in raising funds for Chris Sanderson. Reversible Lifestyle helped raise money for Chris’s family by selling their stock shorts at a discounted price, and donating a portion of the proceeds directly to Chris’s family. Chris Sanderson, age 37, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, a malignant brain tumor, in December 2008. Read More…

Reversible Lifestyle Partners With Herkimer County Community College Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse


Reversible Lifestyle is proud to have partnered up with Herkimer County Community College men’s and women’s lacrosse teams in creating their practice uniforms for this Spring’s lax season. In collaboration with both teams Reversible Lifestyle was able to come up with a look that was fresh and rugged for both lacrosse teams that have their sights set on a National Championship. Read More…

Reversible Lifestyle Partners With Team RWB To Raise Funds For Texas Wounded Veterans


Reversible Lifestyle is proud to announce that it has partnered up with Team RWB Texas in donating uniforms to help raise money to benefit the Texas Wounded Veterans. Team RWB Texas is dedicated in serving as advocates, athletes, and concerned citizens that have one simple goal – to improve the quality of life for the Texas Wounded Veterans. Read More…

Reversible Lifestyle Holiday 2011 Apparel


Reversible Lifestyle has out done themselves with their latest line of lacrosse shorts. They hit you this past Summer with the Elephant, Rasta, and some Sweet Argyles and they are back at it again with the sickest designs in the industry today. Take a look at their latest creations. Read More…

Reversible Lifestyle Designs Team USA Uniform For Bowhunter Cup


Reversible Lifestyle is at it again with their latest uniform. Following up there Syracuse Alumni Team Uniform they have created a more conservative look for team USA who will be competing at this weekends Bowhunter Cup. Read More…

Exclusive: Syracuse Alumni Game Uniforms


It’s a new generation of dye sublimated uniforms for the next generation of lacrosse. The apparel company, Reversible Lifestyle, concocted a ridiculously over the top uniform set for this weekend’s Syracuse University Alumni Game. The Alumni Squad will be wearing not only Reversible Tops but REVERSIBLE SHORTS to match. Read More…