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Chesapeake Bayhawk Tickets Are Now on Sale

Get them while they’re hot. Bayhawk tickets are now on sale here. Don’t forget about their championship training clinics with Kyle Dixon. Keep Reading…

Hustle Lax Appreciation Sale

Hustle Lax has a sweet new sale going on from 09.29.10 to 10.06.10 where you can get 15% off of everything in the store. Go to to get your apparel today.

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Status Flow Apparel 50% Off

Status Flow’s Last Chance Sale on all 2009 items ends today. 50% off all 2009 tees on orders of two or more. Learn More…

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Silverfin Lacrosse Discount Sale

Silverfin Titanium handles are constructed of Grade-9 titanium and remain uncoated to create a handle with an unmatched look and feel. Silverfin released a press release today announcing the warehouse selling of titanium shafts at a 30% discount.

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