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Stringing the Sidewalls :: Brendan Mundorf

STX Promo player Brendan Mundorf continues demonstrating how he strings his Surgeon head, now focusing on how to string the sidewalls.

Sidewalls: interlocking, floating, and/or both?

Good morning laxers and lax lovers. Hope you’re ‘snowed in’ and enjoying some muesli and a cappuccino. For this post, let’s get a bit intricate. I want to talk about the difference between interlocking and floating sidewalls.

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How to String a Lacrosse Stick: Part 3

This week and Boston Cannon, Bobby Horsey, have been showing the basic materials you must have before you begin stringing a stick. Today they show you how to string the sidewalls on your head. Make sure to check out the continued video after the jump.

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Max McCool: Rubber Sidewalls

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve broken a sidewall string in the middle of a game. That got Lacrosse Playground’s resident stick-stringer thinking how he could do something to strengthen the sidewall strings and lengthen their life. Max came up with the Rubber Sidewall Experiment, where he tested melting rubber onto the sidewall strings. Still in its conceptual stage, here are his initial results:

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