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World Cup Soccer Chant Popularized By Navy Lacrosse Players?


The, now, world famous chant that you’ve heard EVERYWHERE during the 2014 World Cup has roots with the Navy lacrosse team. Yes, the official song, “I Believe That we Will Win”, for the U.S. soccer support group known as the American Outlaws has adopted the song from a Naval Midshipmen dating back to 1998. The chant was used as motivation to beat Army and Air Force during football and basketball season only to be made popular by the lacrosse team. Read More…

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Notre Dame Getting Their Cristiano Ronaldo On

Fun was had by all at this Notre Dame lacrosse practice as they drew inspiration from their inner Ronaldo. Messi can’t touch dis. Keep Reading…

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By now, most of you have seen the “Write The Future” commercials over and over again. But what you definitely didn’t know is that STX/Nike rep, Kyle Harrison, is on the court during Kobe Bryant’s segment. Find out what Kyle Harrison’s experience was like and what he learned from Kobe Bryant. Keep Reading…

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