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Maryland Flag Belts

maryland flag belt

Stocking stuffers aren’t hard to come by. Throw some Snickers and socks into one and you’re done. However, it is hard to find a meaningful item to stuff into said stocking. Why not a belt at a very affordable price? Two laxers at St. Mary’s College (Md) launched a small business this Fall that offers custom belts. Read More…

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Rock Stars: St. Mary’s College Lacrosse Team

As a former NCAA player, I have to give a lot of respect to all those MCLA players out there. Talk about ‘For the love of the Game’!! I recently teamed up with Agent Odgen and MCLA magazine to showcase one such team of ‘Rock Stars’…the St. Mary’s Lacrosse Team. Check out these photos from this month’s MCLA magazine…Hard Core!

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