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Virginia’s Game Winning Goal Against Carolina, and More

View Steele’s remarks about scoring the game winning goal Saturday, as well as the game’s highlights and more from around weekend. Keep Reading…

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Wells and Shack Stanwick Explain Their Lacrosse Sticks

We caught up with Wells (Hopkins) and Shack Stanwick after their heartbreaking 8-7 OT loss to Gilman Saturday. They were nice enough to explain why they use traditional stringing. The Stanwick family has single-handedly brought the leathers back.

Steele Stanwick's Whip

It is a well-known belief that UNC’s Billy Bitter and the entire Stanwick family get their wands strung by their dads. Now there is proof. Inside Lacrosse asked Steele during the Big City Classic about his stick and he gave a great explanation behind its purpose. He discusses his shooting strings, the ball placement, the shaft, and MORE.