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Hounds Appoint Nick Stevens as Strength and Conditioning Coach


Charlotte, N.C. – January 21, 2013 – Charlotte Lacrosse LLC named today Nick Stevens as Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Charlotte Hounds. The Charlotte Athletic Club Personal Trainer served as a fitness and conditioning consultant to the players and staff during the team’s inaugural season. Read More…

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Train Hard, Recover Harder


Now that you are aware of the importance of body-weight competency (Part 1) and flexibility through full ranges of motion (Part 2), it is time for what is the most important and overlooked aspect of any athlete’s regimen, recovery strategies. You can train and practice hard as well as be active in your school and social activities, but if you aren’t making sure that you are taking care of your body and “recovering hard”, you will not be able to sustain a high level of activity and performance. There are 3 main things that all young athletes, or any athlete for that matter, should be doing on a daily basis to ensure that they are able to perform at a high level both on the field and in the classroom. Read More…

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Watch The Villanova Baseball vs. Lacrosse Strongman Competition

villanova strongman-4

Phil Matusz is the strength and conditioning coach at Villanova University. He won a 2009 National Championship as a football player there and continues to work with the lacrosse team as well as baseball, volleyball, softball and women’s soccer teams. Recently, Coach Matusz administered a strongman competition pitting the baseball team against the lax squad. The winning team may surprise you. Read More…

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