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STX FLEX Technology Explained (Video)


STX Design Engineer Jonathan Bond talks about the new FLEX technology featured in the Alliance handles. He walks through how FLEX works and which level of FLEX is better for different players. Read More…

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Alliance 85 :: Brendan Mundorf (Video)


STX Promo player Brendan Mundorf talks about his Alliance 85 handle, featuring STX’s new FLEX technology. Read More…

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True Temper Flex Technology Launches Website

true temper lacrosse

True Temper and STX came together to create the STX Alliance shaft, which features Flex Technology. True Temper believes in the technology so strongly that they launched a website for the consumer to learn even more about the product. Read More…

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Optimize Performance With The STX Alliance Flex Chart


Today, STX unveiled a new feature to their website, the STX Alliance flex chart. Flex technology essentially maximizes velocity on shots, improved ball feel and improved precision on feeds. Supporting high demand for the three flex variations of the Alliance shaft, the flex chart determines which shaft is best suited for your overall style of play. Read More…

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