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STX and South Swell collaborate on Anthem glove

STX and South Swell collaborate on Anthem glove

South Swell and STX have collaborated on a new glove only available through South Swell: The SSS X STX Anthem Lacrosse Glove.

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STX Reveals Promotional Shirts

STX has revealed some of its promotional t-shirts that will be given away at events this fall to promote STX’s 2010 line. They posted pictures of the shirts on their Facebook page. Below is a shot of the Revolver tee. You can check out the other shirts in STX’s Facebook photo album.


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K18: What's the deal with the turtle?

K18 Turtle Close-Up

We noticed there was a turtle icon on the throat of the new K18 head and on the new K18 arm guards. We also noticed a lot of people wondering why. To find out, we went to the source. Here’s what Kyle Harrison had to say about the turtle symbol appearing on his new line:

Turtles in my family have always been good luck (as they are in many other cultures as well, as you know). If you go to my parents’ house there are over 100 turtles around from pictures to sculptures to hide-a-key things, and everything else you can imagine. The turtle on the stick is actually the tattoo I’ve got on my left leg. [It’s] just a family symbol and STX was nice enough to let me incorporate it into my entire new equipment line.

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