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20% off all Stylin’ Strings stringing kits site wide


The 2015 lacrosse season has ended and Denver, Limestone, and Tufts are on the winning side of the Men’s Division 1, 2, & 3 championships in Philadelphia this past weekend. For women’s college lacrosse Maryland won the Division 1 title, while Adelphi, and SUNY Cortland wound up at the top for Division 2, and 3 […]

SoSo #51: Beards Cut, RWB Giveaway, Mini D-poles, HEADstrong Goalies

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New Stylin Strings SOSO #47

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Stylin Strings Lax Dyed & Signed for Awareness


This dye job is from the SS Dye Li Lama Kumar who paved the way for Dustin to take custom projects to the next level. Keeping in mind that when Skaggs and him hosted the convention interview video for E-lax they would have as many professional lacrosse players and coaches sign the stick to make it a one of a kind stick that would raise awareness. Read More…

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