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Illadelph Summer Uni by LacrosseWear

Many of you have probably seen the bikini sublimated jerseys at the Ocean City Classic a few weeks ago. These are some of the best uni’s we’ve seen all summer besides OUR OWN of course. We wanted some details from the man who brought this idea in to fruition, Carl Ray. Continue…

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Superman!

Team Status Flow had fun in their last game vs Lighthouse at the Ocean City Classic. One member of the squad, Defenseman, Cameron Cook #12, revealed his true identity as Superman. View More…

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Zebra Apparel x KY Jellyfish Summer Uni

Zebra Apparel designed a custom reversible and shorts for KY Jellyfish. KY Jellyfish is a team from Nova Scotia. The uniform is Pink and Light Blue with a big jellyfish on the center of the jersey. The shorts have a repeating jellyfish pattern. The shorts also feature a Sponge Bob on the insert.

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Maverik Elite Summer Uni

Maverik put together a stellar team for the annual Vail Shootout. Some names listed include John Galloway, Stephen Keogh, Matt Tierney, Jovan Miller, John Gagliardi, Sean Lindsay, Brett Schmidt, Casey Powell, Shamel Bratton, and Eric Boyle. Here are a few of the goodies the guys are using. More Pics…

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