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Aloha Tournaments Announces 2015 Summer Tournament Dates

Baltimore, MD-2014- Aloha Tournaments today released dates for nineteen lacrosse tournaments to be held in the summer of 2015. Each year Aloha Tournaments hosts some of the largest, most well run lacrosse and field hockey events in the nation. In 2014, over 40,000 athletes, between the ages of 7-18 competed in twenty-three different events. While the competition is always top notch, emphasis is placed on providing each player, along with their family and friends, a unique lacrosse experience. Read More…

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Face-Off Factory Announces Summer Training Tour & Competition Schedule


Costa Mesa, CA — June 24, 2014 — The Face-Off Factory has announced its SummerTraining Tour and competition schedule for players in grades 4 through 12. The Face-Off Factory features coaching from three division one face-off specialists, two of which finished top ten nationally in face-off win percentage, along with a detailed curriculum focused on all aspects of face-off play to allow our student to become complete and dynamic face-off athletes. Read More…

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NYC Lacrosse Camps Announce Summer Dates


NYC Lacrosse Camps is the Premier Lacrosse Camp of New York City. Our elite Division-1 counselors will work with your boys and girls in small groups to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse for all positions. Our camps are for 2nd through 8th graders who are looking to either begin the sport or take the next step. Read More…

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Warrior NOZ Is Back For A Summer Release


Back on tour for the Summer, Warrior is bringing back the original NOZ head. This ultra-light weight lacrosse head was the first ever to feature Warrior’s patented nitrogen NOZ molding technique to reduce weight in a lacrosse head. Weighing in at 4.3 oz the NOZ still stands up in the market as one of the lightest heads in the industry. Read More…

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Atlantic Beach Lacrosse Classic


Sponsored by the Atlantic Beach Club, the 2012 ATLANTIC BEACH Classic will be held on Friday July 13th, Saturday, July 14th and Sunday, July 15th at Glenn Farms just a short distance from scenic Newport. Read More…

Makr Carry Goods x Bottle Key

Makr has added another timeless product to its line of accessories, the blank key bottle opener. The antique brass key blends in with the other keys on your key ring. It’s a perfect accessory to add to your Summer fun. No more borrowing lighters. Keep Reading…

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Signing Up for Camps Early, Empower the Athlete

The three primary avenues for high school lacrosse players to get noticed by college coaches are playing for a club team, attending recruiting tournament showcases, and going to a recruiting camp.

Even if you are on a club team, attending a recruiting camp can still be beneficial for you in the recruiting process. There are a lot of established camps out there that vary in level of play and the types of college coaches that attend. The key is to chose camps early based on your ability and what schools you are looking at.

The Top Lacrosse Summer Recruiting Camps for 2011

This is the third year that has written a recruiting camp guide. Each year, the date that they publish continues to creep earlier in the year. Players have already started receiving invitations to Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip, Maverik’s Showtime Spotlight, and Top 205.

The need for a guide like this has become more and more important as camps have pushed the invitation process ahead because they are all competing for the top players in the country. There is lots of legwork that goes into getting a spot at these camps and showcases.

Greetings From Jovi Nation

Jovan Miller and The Jovi Nation are back in the builiding!!!!

First, I just want to say thank you to Lacrosse Playground for giving me another opportunity to say my piece on a lot of different issues. This summer has been, by far, the best Summer of my life because I had the opportunity to do two things I love to do: Travel and Teach Lax. Keep Reading…

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The Longest Braveheart Ever Recorded

What’s up guys, sorry it’s been so long. Enjoy this clip from one of the many camps I coached this summer. My latest blog entry is coming soon.

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