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STX Launches New Stallion and Surgeon Sc-Ti Handles


Baltimore, MD – August 22, 2012 – Baltimore-based STX, LLC, a global sporting goods leader, announced today the launch of its new Stallion and Surgeon Sc-Ti handles. The Sc-Ti handles feature a blend of scandium and titanium to make the handle stronger than a scandium handle and lighter than a titanium handle. Read More…

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Stringing the Top String :: Brendan Mundorf

STX Promo player Brendan Mundorf walks through how he strings his top string on the new Surgeon head.

STX Surgeon Commercial Featuring Brendan Mundorf

STX’s 2011 Surgeon commercial features Brendan Mundorf. It is now playing during games this season. We love the path STX took with this commercial because it captures Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Diggin’ it. Keep Reading…

STX Poster Series: Joe Walters

New addition in the STX poster series. Joe Walters is repping the UMD college shirt, Assault APs and Gloves, Katana SC and the Surgeon. Expect to see this poster in retail stores nation wide.

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STX Surgeon x Joe Walters Mesh Stringing

STX promo player, Joe Walters, just sent us a pic of his newly strung STX Surgeon. He strung two nylons across the top with a durashot below in the center of the pocket. Notice the hockey lace used at the throat of the head. Keep Reading…

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