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Syracuse Club Lacrosse Footage

Syracuse Club lacrosse recently beat Binghamton 15-3. We have some decent footage of the game. The clip also includes footage of the women’s club team … a tying goal, go-ahead, and the final minute of a 9-8 come from behind win over Binghamton.

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The Story Behind The Syracuse Club Lacrosse Uniform and Equipment

Last week we uploaded the ‘Cuse club team Pro7 helmet. A lot of people had interesting things to say about it and wanted more info. Today Syracuse club lacrosse captain, David Youngentob, sheds light on the influences behind his teams decision process when it comes to apparel, uniforms and gloves.

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Syracuse Club Lacrosse Helmet

Thanks to Lacrosse Unlimited the Syracuse Club Lax team is wearing sweet lids. Syracuse Club is wearing Orange Pro7 helmets with Uniform Plaid panels. Keep Reading…

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