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StringKing Stick Taping Sesh with Kevin Rice & Nick Galasso


The good guys at String Kings brought in Kevin Rice and Nick Galasso to show us how us varying tape styles. Conclusion: We are all unique snowflakes when it comes to our stick setups.

Stick Preferences – Taping :: Steven Brooks

STX Promo player, Steven Brooks, talks about how he tapes his stick and the new Force SC handle.

Posted in: Sticks/Shafts, STX

Joe Walters: Stick Preferences – Taping

STX Promo player Joe Walters talks about his taping preferences.

Posted in: Sticks/Shafts, STX

Brendan Mundorf: Stick Preference

Brendan Mundorf, newest member of the STX team, discusses what head and shaft he plays with in a recent interview.

Posted in: Heads, Sticks/Shafts