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Lacrosse Heavy MTV Show Releases Season 4 Trailer

Lacrosse Heavy MTV Show Releases Season 4 Trailer

There’s a new lefty in town… Read More…

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Teen Wolf's Second Chance Episode

Teen Wolf’s second episode played last night featuring Kyle Harrison at the end. I understand why people hate the inauthenticity of the show, but it’s an important piece to the puzzle of growing the game. It’s positive exposure that is giving our sport attention from a wide demographic, MTV. Keep Reading…

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Full Episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf Playing Lacrosse

I watched the entire first episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf last night. Why? Because someone had to…but that’s besides the point. It’s actually a good show. It’s awesome because it’s all about chicks and lacrosse. Lacrosse makes up most of the plot.

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Disney’s “Prom” Jumps on the Lax Bandwaggon

LaxUNation always has its ear to the ground and eyes on the tube. The dudes got their hands on lacrosse footage from the soon to be released Disney flick Prom. Check out the Warrior Venom shells. Keep Reading…

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Full Three-Minute Trailer for MTV’s New “Teen Wolf” Series

MTV just released another trailer for their new series, Teen Wolf. This time it’s a full three-minute vid. You’ll notice the main character doubles as a lacrosse player by day and a Taylor Lautneresque wolf by night. Somewhere, Michael J. Fox is crying. Keep Reading…

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Lacrosse Makes Appearance on America's Favorite Quiz Show, Jeopardy

These days lacrosse has really gotten a lot of coverage. There is more game day coverage, but also in pop culture on TV shows such as The Hills and Teen Wolf. Last night, lacrosse made another appearance on television. This time on America’s favorite quiz show, Jeopardy. Keep Reading…