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10 Reasons Why Women Love Lacrosse Players


It has been a little more than two years now that I’ve been submitting articles for, crazy huh? My first article, “10 Reasons Why Babes Love Lax Bros” was the most read article on the site in 2011! In the last two years, I have spent a majority of my time around, analyzing, and even dating a lacrosse players… I certainly take my position here seriously at Lax Playground. So, I only found it fitting to redraft this article with my new found results. Read More…

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Chad Tutton Scores SportsCenter Top 10 Behind The Back Goal


North Carolina’s Chad “The Tut” Tutton makes SportsCenter’s Top Plays with a behind the back goal against UVA. The Canadian southpaw makes an incredible one-handed snag and shoots a BTB with ease to put the Tar Heels within reach of winning. Read More…

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B.R.O.’s Top 10 Reasons to be a Lacrosse Player

As the summer pushes into yet another heatwave and things inevitably slow down, I find myself thinking about cooler, simpler times. Times when deadlines and pitchbooks were foreign concepts, when happy hours and networking were meaningless to me; high school times, college times…good times. Mixing one part whimsy, one part varsity pride and three parts “flow,” my mind starts to race. Without further ado, I bring you the top ten reasons to be a lacrosse player. Keep Reading…

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The Top 10 Most Bizarre and Wacky Lacrosse Vids on the Web

Last August we assembled the Ten Best Yard Sales of All Time. This time we looked for the wackiest, most bizarre and oddest videos on the web. The criteria for determining the Top 10 include: lacrosse, amateur cinephotography, squirming, spazzing out, making us not want to play lacrosse, laughing out of shock and most importantly scaring us. Kicking it off at number 10 is “Lax Spazz.”

10. Lax Spazz
We have all known a guy like this at one point or another in our lives. The only ones who may appreciate his antics are on his own team, but if you are on the other side of it, it is more than bizarre. I bet that guy is still waiting for him in the parking lot.

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