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Top Ched Clothing Rasta Shirt


Check out the new Rasta shirts from Top Ched Clothing. It features the Top Ched logo on the bottom left side wrapping around, the words LAX BRO on the right chest side, and the words EMBRACE THE CULTURE on the back of the neck. It displays Rasta colors on all three graphics.

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University of El Villano Chelero Lacrosse Team

TopChed Clothing has informed us about their boy Bert, who is currently helping out one of the six teams in Mexico City. Their season doesn’t start until late January, but one of their sponsors, Villano Chelero, decided to hook them up with shooting shirts. Keep Reading…

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Jersey Shore Premiere, Gym, Tan, Lax

The Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere is tomorrow night on MTV. Beat dat beat up in style with the Top Ched Clothing GTL tank. J Woww will be putty in your hands when you flash this tank around town. Keep Reading…

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