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Grip ‘N Rip: Steele & Wells Stanwick


In a world controlled by the mesh industry, Under Armour pros Steele and Wells Stanwick have kept it old school throughout their entire lacrosse careers by using traditional-style pita pockets strung-up by their dad. I got a chance to talk sticks with the both of them and dig further into why they love traditional so much. Both […]

How to String: Traditional Stringers Tips

lacrosse stringing

The Lacrosse Network brings you stringing tips from East Coast Dyes. Greg from East Coast Dyes talks about traditional stringing and gives tips on how to string up a traditional head with great hold. Read More…

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Jesse Hubbard dishes on stringing your wand

Jesse Hubbard is one of the most decorated players in all of lacrosse. He won three NCAA Championships with Princeton, was a three-time All-American in college, was a five-time MLL All-Star and won a World Lacrosse Championship with Team USA.

Oh, and he knows his equipment. So we thought we’d talk to Jesse about all-things lax. In part one of a three-part series, today we discuss the pocket. With so much experience in the sport, Hubbard is an expert on stringing your spoon. Since Hubbard used traditional leather for much of his career before switching to mesh several years ago, we thought we’d get his take on how pockets have evolved and have him chime in on the mesh vs. traditional debate. >>READ MORE

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Silverfin Likes To Keep It Simple

Founded by Patrick Smith and Brad Conners and located in Southern California, Silverfin, which focuses on lacrosse training and equipment, has been going strong for four years. Patrick played both club and varsity at Navy (’94-’98) and was stationed overseas upon graduation. Upon returning from Spain he noticed that lacrosse equipment had changed a bit. The titanium shafts especially. The shafts not only got thicker but also heavier. He envisioned making titanium shafts light again like they were in his playing days. >>Read More


Silverfin president, Patrick Smith, was able to give us a better look in to where the influences and origins of the company come from and why he feels Silverfin titanium is so unique.

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