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Lax Bro Subculture Hurting or Helping the Growth of Lacrosse?

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Jennifer McKim, a staff writer for The Boston Globe, wrote an article that many might view as an uneducated and skewed outlook of lacrosse. “Scoring Style Points” illustrates a life of leisure for most lacrosse players. McKim highlights the costs associated with the sport, but misses the mark tremendously by not clarifying how many enthusiasts actually despise the crippling subculture. Read More…

After 20 Years of Regrets, 39-year-old Dave Zoni is a Lacrosse Star at Brookdale Community College

Brookdale Community College lacrosse player Dave Zoni is living the dream held by many middle-aged former athletes who saw their careers end in their late teens. At age 37, he returned to junior college as a freshman nearly two decades after he was forced to give up the sport due to the death of his father. Now 39, he’s winding down what he says will be his final season. Keep Reading…

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The Exclusive World Premiere of 'Ultimate Lax Bro II: The Official Visit' joined the Ultimate Lax Bro on a recent “official visit” to the defending national champion Syracuse Orange and captured an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the world of high-stakes lacrosse recruiting. The Exclusive World Premiere of “Ultimate Lax Bro II: The Official Visit” is after the jump.

Lacrosse Unlimited Exclusive

Retail store chain, Lacrosse Unlimited, has unveiled new pennies and shirts inspired by the youtube sensation, The Ultimate Lax Bro. The line includes vibrant shirts in bright lime, yellow, royal and a navy/white reversible pennie with quotes from the ultimate bro himself, Brantford Winstonworth. If you “care to lax” view more pics after the jump.


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