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Ryan Flanagan Takes a Stroll Through the Warehouse

Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 1.05.35 PM

Ryan Flanagan of Team 24/7 Lacrosse searches for his STX set up in’s huge North Carolina warehouse. Does he find what he’s looking for? Read More…

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Duck, Duck, Goose It

unce duck tape

What’s up my lax peoples? Are you a handy dude? Because I’m a pretty handy dude. In fact, I’m so handy that I use duct (duck?) tape on a daily basis. From taping over the holes that lax balls have made in my walls to putting together some wicked wizard sticks, I’m the Sultan of sticky… Read More…

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Brine's Ned Crotty Takes a Tour of's HQ

Duke’s Ned Crotty takes a quick tour of the office with Syracuse beast, Liam Banks, and runs into a faithful Tar Heel creep. Keep Reading…

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UNC Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet

UNC Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet

North Carolina is wearing a crisp and clean Navy Blue Cascade Pro7 helmet with Carolina Blue decals. Appears to be an updated version of the UNC logo. A bit vectorized and stretched. Titanium face mask, Black chin straps. The helmet is angled on a Styrofoam cup to capture the full range of the tilt. Keep Reading…

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UNC 2011 Season Preview

With the 2011 season right around the corner we’ve been showing you the equipment UNC will be playing with this season. Today, we have an even bigger teaser, UNC 2011 Season Preview. This is part 1 of 4 of the ACC mini-series from

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Carolina Blue Unstrung Heads for UNC Tarheels

The Tarheels have new Carolina Blue unstrung heads to string up for 2011. The heads displayed in the image from STX include a Proton U, Professor, and a Super Power.

Nike Custom Air Zoom Huarache II

Nike Custom Air Zoom Huarache II

Keep an eye out for Nike Custom Air Zoom Huarache II cleats in 2011. You might see Nike affiliated teams such as UVA, Hopkins, Cornell and UNC playing in them by the end of the season.

Weekly Mashup, A Lot of Weekend Reading

Each Friday the Weekly Mashup brings you links to some of the articles you may not have seen that involve lacrosse or lacrosse players. Here are some of the news-makers from this week.

STX 2011 Collegiate Shirts

STX has released a sneak peak of what is expected in their Never Stop campaign. Featured are the shirts for Cornell, UNC, Maryland, ‘Cuse, and Hop. What is it about Carolina? Their gear is fly year-after-year, every year.

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Ryan Flanagan and Fields of Growth

As some of you may know, UNC defender, Ryan Flanagan will be taking the semester off from school at the University of North Carolina and using the time to truly make a difference while also enjoying the experience of a lifetime. Ryan will be volunteering with Fields of Growth International in southwest Uganda. Fields of Growth International is a non-profit organization* that uses the game of lacrosse as a relational platform to foster friendships and deliver education, health care and various forms of human development.