University of Illinois Maverik Maybach Gloves

Universal Lacrosse dropped a tight pic of the University of Illinois Maverik Maybach gloves. What up Midwest? Makin’ moves.

Grip ‘N Rip: Evan Kay

This week, our latest installment in the LPG Grip ‘N Rip series is LXM PRO player, Evan Kay. Evan shows us the chromed out whip he used down Jacksonville this past weekend.

Universal Lacrosse Jersey and Lid for War At The Shore

The Universal Lacrosse team will be wearing CPX-R Cascade lids with digi-camo decals at War At The Shore this weekend. View the uniform that accompanies the helmet after the jump. More…

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Universal Lacrosse Mobile Store

Stop by the Universal Lacrosse Mobile store for all the latest STX & Adrenaline gear and much much more this weekend at the Final Four. May 29 Stop by and check out their blow out sales. Every Hour something new goes on sale. Also hang out with STX Pro’s Kyle Harrison, Joe Walters and Steven Brooks! Learn more…