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Vans Waffle iPhone 4 Case


Vans’ new flexible rubber iPhone Case features a waffle sole replica of the iconic shoes the brand has produced over the years. The case comes in three colorways – Black, Pink, and White. A Red heel-tag replica is placed on the lower-left side, while a toe-cap replica is on the top. It is compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S.

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Vans Surf Chauffeur Shoe for Spring 2012

Vans Surf Chauffeur

Vans offers you a whole new level of variety with these Chauffeur Surf Shoes for their Spring 2012 Surf Collection. The boat shoe aesthetic takes shape in many colorways, but this version in Navy and Yellow packs a punch. The shoe features reinforced eyelets, ankle-wrap lacing, and elastic straps on the tongue, to hold it in place. Per usual, Vans keeps the price point low at $56 bones.