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Scattered Cone Drill: Steven Brooks

STX Promo player Steven Brooks explains how to do his scattered cone drill.

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Play Cloths x Pro-Keds, 69er Hi Sneakers

In anticipation for Play Cloths’ first collaboration with historic sneaker company Pro-Keds, they’ve given a look-see at the new 69er Hi sneakers with some words by LTD Magazine’s own Hawaii Mike.

Video: Limited Edt. x New Balance 577 Vault Teaser

New Balance has worked again with Singapore boutique Limited Edt. Vault. This time they have linked up on a pair of NB 577’s and presented a teaser video for their release. These kicks have a militaristic feel, and they feature tonal colors accented with electric blue highlights. View Video…

Video: OT Sports Uniforms

Cool video about the production of MLL jerseys through the cut-and-sew process. The video features pro players during the MLL All Stars v. Team USA game.

The Top 5 “How To Pinch” Instructional Videos

Every lacrosse enthusiast and connoisseur knows how important it is to have the right equipment. A good deal goes in to what you use on game day: form, function, strength, resistance, flexibility, aesthetics. In this case a head is a big determiner of how you’ll pass, catch, shoot, control and retain the ball.

Pinching a head is, in a way, a rite of passage. Almost everyone has pinched a head in their lifetime with only a few mastering it. You’ve tried it in the oven, in the freezer, between your knees, but what really is the best way to pinch your head? Is it best to pinch when it’s strung or unstrung? Well, today LPG has collected the top 5 instructional videos to learn from about pinching your head.

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