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Team Motive Pure Wears Streaker Sports Apparel Enroute to Lake Placid Final

motive pure placid-1

The Motive Pure team made a splash at Placid! In a time where uniforms can quite often be over-the-top the Motive Pure squad decided to tone it down for Lake Placid. Refreshingly, they went with a minimalist approach. Read More…

Macho Sadness

The Macho Man was an exotic blend of crazy-wild creativity and pure badass that will surely be missed and never recreated. He was a little hippity hop and a lot of rock and roll and had the reckless abandon to live life in a Macho Man stroll. If you don’t believe me then believe this footage. Keep Reading…

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Streaker Sports 1983 Vintage Hopkins Shorts

Streaker Sports is launching their 2nd go around with the vintage look/updated materials and this time it’s the 1983 Hopkins shorts.

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Retro Obsession

Personally I would want my money back if this is where my low rent Craigslist purchased time machine landed me. Of all the strange upstate dance clubs why did you have to choose this one. It’s hard to believe that 1991 was twenty years ago, and this was actually what some people were wearing.

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Streaker Sports — 1975 Terrapin Shorts

Streaker Sports — 1975 Terrapin Shorts

Streaker Sports released their line of vintage inspired lax shorts and the dirty Terps are the first off the line. These 1975 Terrapin shorts are a mix of old and new. The original design of the ’75 team, with updated styling and materials.

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