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Natty Broh Summer Lacrosse Uniforms

Natty Broh Lacrosse is based out of Baltimore, MD with a mixture of collegiate, post collegiate, and military lacrosse players. They will be playing in the Maryland Lacrosse Classic and the War at the Shore tournament. Natty Broh decided to go with Elevation Lacrosse.

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Game Photos: War At The Shore

The uniforms were fantastic this year at War At The Shore. Creativity was abundant, the team names were hysterical and the atmosphere was pleasant. There were teams with awesome names such as the Dos Laxis, Buffalo Soldiers, Playboys and Slam Piece Slaxers. View the photos after the jump and let us know which jersey you liked the most in the comments section. View Photos…

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US Chay American Themed Reversible and Shorts (Video)

US Chay is a Tufts team who went with an All-American theme at War at the Shore. The uniform is from Zebra Apparel.

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Zebra Apparel x KY Jellyfish Summer Uni

Zebra Apparel designed a custom reversible and shorts for KY Jellyfish. KY Jellyfish is a team from Nova Scotia. The uniform is Pink and Light Blue with a big jellyfish on the center of the jersey. The shorts have a repeating jellyfish pattern. The shorts also feature a Sponge Bob on the insert.

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Universal Lacrosse Jersey and Lid for War At The Shore

The Universal Lacrosse team will be wearing CPX-R Cascade lids with digi-camo decals at War At The Shore this weekend. View the uniform that accompanies the helmet after the jump. More…

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