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SoundLogik: Jock Jams Vol. I

The fellow audiophiles here at Lax Playground asked us to invade your speakers with an exclusive SoundLogik guest post. At SL we specialize in electronic music and have an affliction for hard hitting bass that emulates the intensity you demand out of yourself every time you get the privilege to step on that beautiful playground. Whether you’re in the racquetball court hitting the wall, getting swoll at a team lift, or mentally zoning up before the big game you gotta have some tunes that amp you up, and keep you cruising. Keep Reading…

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Lax Psych Up Playlists

Every player can name their go-to psych up songs. There are the popular ones like “Welcome to the Jungle” or basically any hair ballad and the ones that make you wonder what is happening in that player’s mind. For instance, if their favorite song is “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”? Sorry, those gloves are probably coming off.

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Pre-game warm-up music: What pumps you up?

Every lacrosse player has pre-game rituals. And probably the most common and coveted ritual before a game is a player’s warm-up music. Find out what music some of your favorite players are listening to and tell us what you like.

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