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ESPN Sport Science: Paul Rabil Lacrosse Shot

paul rabil, espn sport science, lacrosse playground

With the NCAA Lacrosse Championship around the corner, ESPN enlisted John Brenkus and the ESPN Sport Science team to analyze what lies behind the power and aim of a well-executed lax shot. The team chose Paul Rabil to test lacrosse shooting. Rabil was hooked up to the high-tech system and put through a number of exercises. Read More…

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Warrior TII Camo Helmet


Warrior releases a sure-fire hit with the Camo Print TII Helmet. The super lightweight lid features adjustable internal pads for 3 sizes, large air vents for superior air-flow and a lightweight Chrome facemask. The facemask resembles Safety Orange, a color that you would see on a person while hunting in a blind.

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The Weirdest Video About Paul Rabil You’ll Ever See!!!

paul rabil wrestling invite

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is probably the best thing I’ve seen since yesterday’s questionable hit. Additionally, this video is just plain bizarre and creepy. I dig it. What is up with his strange obsession for Paul Rabil? It’s apparent that he has an affinity for his long locks. Read More…

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Paul Rabil’s Indoor Lacrosse Fight (Video)

paul rabil lacrosse

How did I miss this! The premiere lacrosse player in the world, Paul Rabil, participated in an indoor lacrosse fight last month and held his own. Maybe I missed it because the NLL has a disinterested approach to promoting the league. Read More…

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Paul Rabil Commercial, Warrior Lacrosse Unstoppable

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The Warrior Lacrosse national commercial featuring Paul Rabil aired over the weekend during the Syracuse vs. Virginia matchup. The production placed footage taken from other various shoots into a stop-motion commercial. Per usual, Warrior found another way to promote their brand in a catchy promo. Read More…

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Warrior Lacrosse Nation 11 Hitman SP (White)

warrior hitman 11 shoulder pad white

New from Lacrosse Unlimited & Warrior Lacrosse is a limited edition Warrior Lacrosse Nation 11 Hitman SP. This shoulder pad is White compared to the stock Black color. The Dual Density Compression molded construction offers 2 layers of protection as well as adjustable/removeable arm pads and a vaportek liner to wick moisture away from your body.

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Reebok, Warrior Cut Off Lacrosse Gear Patent Battle


Warrior Sports Inc. and Reebok International Ltd. recently dropped their dispute in Michigan federal court over eight patents covering hockey and lacrosse equipment. What started as Warrior filing an infringement action against Reebok back in January 2011 has now been dismissed by a judge in Michigan. Read More…

Warrior Debuts The Bushido


Warren, Michigan (January 13, 2012) – For Spring 2012, Warrior Sports introduces the Bushido, a lifestyle inspired performance shoe designed to meet the training demands of the world’s best athletes. Warren, Michigan (January 13, 2012) – For Spring 2012, Warrior Sports introduces the Bushido, a lifestyle inspired performance shoe designed to meet the training demands of the world’s best athletes. Read More…

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Bellarmine Men’s Lacrosse Warrior Mac Daddy 3 Gloves

bellarmine university lacrosse

Bellarmine Men’s Lacrosse team will be sporting the retro Mac Daddy 3 by Warrior. The Scarlet and Silver covered gloves has a new 3V backhand pattern with 30 individual backhand and finger breaks for maximum flexibility. You may also be wondering why there’s Baby Blue color in the scheme since it isn’t one of Bellarmine’s official school colors. Read More…

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Florida Southern Warrior Regulator Gloves, TII Helmet


Florida Southern College just received new Warrior equipment for the 2012 season. Included, Regular gloves and the TII helmet. The helmet is Scarlet Red front-to-back including the Titanium face mask. The gloves display a Red/Blue/White colorway with their nickname, Moccasins, present on the cuff. Read More…

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