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Weapons of Lax Destruction Apparel

lacrosse weapons shirt

Stalefish, shirt company out of the UK, has released new apparel. One design is “Choose Your Weapon”. The shirt comes in a variety of colorways such as Blue, Black, Red and Yellow to name a few. Read More…

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Tribe7 Lacrosse Interview

LPG interviews Rob Littell from Tribe7 lax about his new products. You may remember him from the infamous Gamebuster Video. Visit for more information.

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The Gamebuster: The High-Ball Pocket and You

Tribe7 is a newly formed equipment company based in New York City. The company is run by Rob Littell. Littell is extremely outspoken and ecstatic about lacrosse, which is refreshing. He takes time to show us his new Gamebuster pocket. The Gamebuster allows you to have a high-ball pocket with a good deal of hold. Littell demonstrates in Zebra Apparel shorts.

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