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(Washington, DC) – The DC Lacrosse Association is proud to present the 2nd Annual Breakout Lacrosse DC Classic on Saturday, May 22 at Woodrow Wilson High School in Northwest, D.C. The Lacrosse Classic consists of games featuring seven boys’ varsity lacrosse teams in the Nation’s Capital. Keep Reading…

DC Public School First to Try Lax x Video

Northwest (WUSA)–There’s never been a lacrosse team at Woodrow Wilson High School, and starting one was quite a challenge. “Man the first day was weird because we were all just trying to learn the game together,” says sophomore Jordan Lindsay. Learn more about the first and only public high school with lacrosse after the jump.

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Wilson Cascade CPV x Flow

This season a new high school in Washington, DC, Wilson High School, started a new lacrosse program. Wilson High School is also the first public school in DC to have a lacrosse program. After playing lacrosse for only a few weeks the Wilson Tigers have already won their first game in their school’s history. They are also looking fresh with new decals on their Cascade CPV helmets. The Flow after the jump speaks for itself. View Pictures…

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