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Burd Wood Works Lacrosse Sticks


After getting to spend a few field days with Burd’s wooden attack shaft out here in sunny Southern California, I’ve come to love wooden handles. The Burd stick I’m testing doesn’t have the optional wax coating, which gave it a true old-school-style feel to the stick. It’s made from hickory, so you you can be darn […]

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Crooked Arrows Branded Shafts From Bamshaft


Introducing the new Bamshaft Crooked Arrows lacrosse shaft. Own one before the movie premiers. The new Crooked Arrows shafts use the same patented bamboo treatment for a feel that will take you back to the very roots of Lacrosse. Crooked Arrows shafts are laser engraved with the Crooked Arrows insignia and the crooked arrows logo for a great new look. Read More…

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Blackfeet Woodie Shorty DPole


New from Blackfeet is the Woodie Shorty DPole. The wood grain pole is 48″ in length. This is a great stick for those just starting to learn how to use a defensive stick. Available at

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Bamshaft D-Pole Plus


The new BamshaftPlus is the strongest Bamshaft made. It maintains ultimate flex while providing increased strength and durability. These shafts are built to handle your abuse, deliver your payload, and channel your aggression. Read More…

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