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Epoch Gen 6 X30 REVIEW

X30 Photo

Epoch Gen 6 X30 The extreme bevel done on a carbon handle better than ever before? We think so this year the Torque Box used to reduce weight was extremely helpful to the X series as they have a little more material to create the grip. Looking to replace your Gait Ice for 2016, the […]

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Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Men’s Dragonfly Lineup


We are very excited to announce the Epoch Lacrosse men’s Dragonfly shaft lineup. We met the crew at the NCAA Final Four back in May, where we got to know the brand and the people behind it. We also gota sneak peek into what the shafts are like and were able to see the technology in action. It’s been a long time coming, but now they have finally arrived. Read More…

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