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Paul Rabil Visits Upper 90 lacrosse

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“So there’s always that stigma involved so I think right now the public schools are bringing in the right coaches, who have to almost convince the guys to come to public schools and play,” said Rabil. Read More…

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D.C. Lacrosse Scene: Stars and Stripes League

D.C. Lacrosse Scene: Stars and Stripes League

Summer has arrived and with that people are excited to get to the beach go on vacation to other states or even go out of the country for some time. For some people, though, they have a different way of spending their off time in the summer: They go and play lacrosse. Since Lacrosse’s regular season for all ages through college is in the spring, the beginning of the offseason for lacrosse is in the summer, when players begin to sharpen their skills. Read More…

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