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The Story Behind The Syracuse Club Lacrosse Uniform and Equipment

Last week we uploaded the ‘Cuse club team Pro7 helmet. A lot of people had interesting things to say about it and wanted more info. Today Syracuse club lacrosse captain, David Youngentob, sheds light on the influences behind his teams decision process when it comes to apparel, uniforms and gloves.

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New Paisley Lacrosse Shorts from Zebra Apparel

Zebra Apparel has new arrivals in a Paisley pattern. Two shorts, Harker and Sound, embody a great deal of color and style. The Harker Short is made from their super soft sanded microfiber, has mesh pockets and features a Blue and Pink Paisley pattern with a three inch light White insert, two inch covered waistband and seven inch inseam.

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Team Zebra Apparel Perforated Leather, Brine King III Gloves

Team Zebra Apparel Perforated Leather, Brine King III Gloves

Zebra Apparel’s club team just got new King III gloves. The gloves are perforated leather in a White colorway. The center of the glove displays a Light Blue King Brine logo surrounded by a Grey King Brine reflective pattern. The cuff is embellished with the Zebra Apparel logo next to the players number.

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New Arrivals from Zebra Apparel

Zebra Apparel has just released 17 new styles this season. Most are styles Zebra has never done before.

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Kool-Aid Uniforms from Zebra Apparel

Zebra designs more custom uniforms. The Kool-Aid uniforms are team “Oh Yeah” from Marblehead, MA. The Kool-Aid insignia is embellished on the pinnie as well as the shorts. Argyle is used as the pattern for the uniform.

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Zebra Apparel x Nice Lacrosse Team

Nice is a youth team in Minnesota. They had their uniforms designed by Zebra Apparel. The tops are Light Blue with a Houndstooth insert on the sides. The center of the pinnie displays the state of Minnesota. The shorts are houndstooth with pockets included.

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Tennessee Alumni Uniforms

Tennessee Alumni wore uniforms from Zebra Apparel on Friday against the current players. The uni’s feature the iconic checkerboard pattern in Orange and White.

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The Gamebuster: The High-Ball Pocket and You

Tribe7 is a newly formed equipment company based in New York City. The company is run by Rob Littell. Littell is extremely outspoken and ecstatic about lacrosse, which is refreshing. He takes time to show us his new Gamebuster pocket. The Gamebuster allows you to have a high-ball pocket with a good deal of hold. Littell demonstrates in Zebra Apparel shorts.

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Tasty Treat x Zebra Apparel

You might have seen Tasty Treat at tournaments such as Lake Placid. This is one the most appealing uniforms this summer because it looks good enough to eat. Zebra Apparel made the ice cream look like the real thing. Tasty Treat is a team out of CT. Tasty Treat offers custom stringing and self branded apparel.

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US Chay American Themed Reversible and Shorts (Video)

US Chay is a Tufts team who went with an All-American theme at War at the Shore. The uniform is from Zebra Apparel.

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