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ZoneReady x Increase Shot Speed

Performance training advice on ways to use the medicine ball to help increase your lacrosse shot power. Kyle Harrison demonstrates two drills to help.

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Split Run with Reactive 180 Turn

STX promo player, Kyle Harrison, works out with the ZoneReady boys. Kyle demonstrates a split run with reactive 180 turn.

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ZoneReady x Kyle Harrison Lacrosse Performance Training DVD

ZoneReady and Kyle Harrison put together a lacrosse performance training DVD. This DVD features just shy of 90 different performance drills to get you to the next level. Here is a teaser of what to expect.

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Kyle Harrison Working Out With ZoneReady x Video

Here’s Kyle Harrison working out per usual with his boys at ZoneReady in Cali. Cop the Rip The Duck shorts he’s rocking. Money.

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