Backpacks aren’t just for books! Clever and cool field day fun, this acrylic backpack beverage dispenser serves up shots, your favorite brew, or most delicious tailgate kool-aid in a style that’s no-nonsense merriment. With a lightweight nylon design, fully padded shoulder straps, two, 24” gravity-fed hand taps, a whopping 210-ounce capacity, and mesh bag for holding those extra cups, this backpack drink dispenser ensures you stay completely comfortable as you become the most popular person in a party-mile radius. Tailgate tank backpack drink dispenser measures 25½”x12”x4”.

Purchase the backpack HERE.

  • Barney Hopkins

    Now that is college alcoholic ingenuity at its finest. Its a simple concept executed very well. Some guy actually pondered how he could carry his alcohol around for him and his hes most likely a millionaire. It can be done people.


  • Drink Dispensers

    Thanks for sharing great idea of drink dispenser.

  • Joseph Lopez

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  • joe lopez

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