The only ones who can pull off a Woodgrain dye other than our own Max McCool is Talon Lacrosse. The NCAA and NFHS legal head is already available in Black and White so expect the Woodgrain hitting a local retail store near you this summer.

The Talon Tribute has a progressive slant head design with 32 string holes for max stringing customization. The head also includes integrated string protection. Protects top strings from fraying, giving your head longer life.

The etchings, present throughout the head, are Native American iconography to honor the creators of Lacrosse; the Iroquois Nation.

Visit Talon Lacrosse for more information on their products. Also, check out how Max McCool dyes his very on Woodgrain head.

  • Brian Shields

    I knew Max back in the day when we both worked at Advantage. Guys got some serious skill when it comes to dying and stringing sticks!

  • Lacrosse Playground