Everyone loves beer, and if you don’t you’re weird. But if you’re like the majority of good people who do indeed love beer there’s no way that you couldn’t not love these Jerseys. These creative jerseys come from team Coors Light. They only play one tournament a year so when it comes to their jerseys, “we just like to go overboard with it.” This past summer they had Pro Athletic uniforms with socks, CPX-R’s with headwrapz, custom Nike Vapor Elites, and K18 pads. If this is what you guys do for “fun” I think everyone else would agree with me when I say you sound like a pretty good team. Good luck this season Bros!

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  1. Josh "Chewy" Acut says:

    Cheers to Coors Light to helping a Club Team play at these tourneys! 

    HP, LAX kids also look up to the My Life Is Bro Facebook Page/Culture… Way worse than some Coors Light lacrosse gear.

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