Welcome to the 82nd episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin Strings Lacrosse. The staff is overjoyed about the upcoming Christmas Season and we start this week off with a Nike CEO strung up with some East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh in our new Face-Off pocket. Next Skaggs re hashes Leroy Jenkins with 2 STX Surgeon 500 both strung up with Sniper pockets with all Jimalax Materials. Don’t Forget about our #BlackFriday Sale that is live now with all kinds of great discounts. Finally our stick of the week is an old school Brine M1 strung up with a traditional pocket that is quite rare to see in the year 2015. Don’t miss out heck out on the world’s best stringing contest at Laxallstars.com/stringleague. That’s all for this week and until next time. Keep Laxin’.

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