joined the Ultimate Lax Bro on a recent “official visit” to the defending national champion Syracuse Orange and captured an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the world of high-stakes lacrosse recruiting.

Follow Brantford Winstonworth around campus as he checks out the Syracuse Bookstore, captains practice and a Frat party. The video features cameos from Dan D’Agnes, Scott Kahoe, Brobible’s Doug Banker, Tim desko and Dan Hardy. LPG isn’t saying this will be anywhere close to being as big as a viral sensation as Pants On The Ground, but it sure is close.

  • mc

    I’m thinking club. Will that hurt my draft status? Probably.

    Hilarious. Well done guys.

  • quasi

    hahaha awesome, love how he lists off the prep schools in new england

  • haha

    am i going to have to grow my own food? i mean ive been to whole foods and my gf took me to a farmers market in darien once….i’m not sure if my family’s donated a building here.

  • skjdfnads

    say word? love it

  • Michal

    Does anyone have a YouTube link? I can’t watch flash on my iPod…

  • Greg Moon

    hahahahahahahahaha, im playing lax at FLCC in Canandaguia,NY. I had the same scenery driving out there.

  • blehhhh


  • blehhh


  • blehhhh


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